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Animals that are domesticated for commercial purpose for their flesh should be treated well both before and after their slaughter. The way they are raised in the farm, the type of feed they are fed the procedure to setup the slaughter area, the slaughter tools, test report of the processed meat, the competence of the slaughter person and the overall safety and hygiene of the entire slaughter house will be considered before certifying the slaughterhouse based on the GSO-993 Standards.

Many countries have made Halal certification as a mandatory requirement for products being imported. In this regard by the second quarter of 2017 UAE and GCC have made it mandatory for all slaughterhouse products and other products that claim halal complaint from across the world to get their products certified by GCC accredited Certification body. HAS being an accredited certification body by GAC (GCC Accreditation Council) and registered with ESMA (Emirates Authority for Standardization and Metrology); will have the certificate valid throughout 7 of the GCC countries and our growing partnership (through MoU) with other Certification bodies will get you an easy entry through all the port across the world.

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Halal Asia Services is an Independent certification body accredited by Competent Regulatory bodies. HAS is involved in the supervision, inspection, audit, certification, training and compliance of Halal Principles and practices in the Food products and consumer services industry.

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