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Halal Training Programs

The Training program of HAS cater to all target audiences, ranging from general public to Industrial Professionals, both Muslims and non-Muslims - and to anyone with an interest to learn about Halal.

The comprehensive Training Program cover the Shariah aspects, Halal certification process, Halal market, Halal food & consumerism as well as food safety and quality.

Halal Asia Services follows stringent parameters to certify its client to uphold the values of the consumers. The industry has continually developed to meet the standards set forth by HAS from time to time and HAS provides the necessary transition through its regular training programs.

Halal Asia

The course is dynamically designed to bridge the knowledge gap and enlighten the compliance requirements set forth by the regulatory bodies. HAS training team effectively studies and designs the training interventions that is required for individual companies to get acquainted for the certification standards process.

HAS training program imparts the required knowledge to comply with the certification standards and it also shares Industrial best practices and the market scenario and supports its clients to reap the maximum benefit with substantial effort.

Halal Asia Services Training Program:

Halal Awareness Program

A program that every human being must have a general to thorough understanding about the food that he consumes, the criticality of the ingredients that is added into his food. The benefits and health issues an ingredient can bring about into his life. A complete 4 hours' Audio-Visual information retreat that enlightens to a way new lifestyle of healthy living.

Certified HalalCompliance Officer (Internal Auditor)

The competence and Qualities every process owner in an industry need to possess to achieve and maintain the Halal Compliance requirement of the certification body. To be vigilant on the entire process line and other halal critical points identified during the inspection. The program provides and builds the ability to report any new HCP and other development in the process to ensure an error free and highly reliable compliance process line and working environment.

Certified Halal Conformity officer (Lead Auditor)

Any Halal Certified Internal Auditor exhibiting high competence in adherence to the Halal Compliance Critical points enlisted by the Certifying Body and has the attitude and the eye to identify the criticality in a process and is highly passionate on becoming as a conformity officer, the most prestigious and sought after job profile in the Halal & Food Industry this Halal Certified Lead Auditor will certainly give the jump start that is required.

Person In-Charge (Food Handlers)

The ground staff, the supervisor or the manager who leads the team of food handlers in the production line in a hotel, food processing unit or Eating Establishment will be given the necessary information on the Do's and Don'ts to maintain a Safe, Healthy and Hygiene environment.

Certified Abattoir Supervisor

In compliance to GSO:993 the slaughterhouse supervisor has critical responsibilities to ensure compliance of the slaughter house, this course will equip the individual to follow the guidelines provided by the certification body to maintain the slaughterhouse.

Certified Abattoir Slaughter man

Compliance with GSO-993 there are certain procedures and methods to be followed by the slaughter man before and after the slaughter process, this course will train the personnel and provide him the knowledge to prepare a checklist to assist in his routine work.

Halal product development training

Industrial professionals or entrepreneurs who wish to develop a product can approach Halal Asia Services and we can guide you with the updates and technology.

Diploma Course in Halal Management System

Anyone who wishes to take up a career in anyone of the following domains and is interested to establish a firm foundation on Halal concepts this course with be the secondary passport that me need to land on a job of his preference.

    This diploma provides the individual with integrated knowledge and skills for the role of supervisor or management within the halal industry.There are numerous possible career paths as:

  • Food & Beverage (F&B) Managers
  • Food Retails Managers
  • Restaurant Managers
  • Halal Product & Services Entrepreneur
  • Halal Executive
  • Halal Butcher / Abattoir
  • Halal Ambassadors
  • Health Inspector/dietary controller
  • Halal Enforcement Officer
  • Quality assurance personnel
  • Halal Consultant
  • Halal Auditor
  • Conformity Officer
  • Halal Certified Trainers

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Halal Asia

Halal Asia Services is an Independent certification body accredited by Competent Regulatory bodies. HAS is involved in the supervision, inspection, audit, certification, training and compliance of Halal Principles and practices in the Food products and consumer services industry.

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