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Understanding Halal & Halal Certification

Seeing is believing: The world today is chaotic and when it comes to selecting a reliable source of consumable product it is no less than a herculean task. The people today believe it when they see it, in order to uphold the consumer's value we at Halal Asia Services work in synergy with the Manufacturers and service providers to ensure that they follow the safe, hygiene, Healthy and recommended practice of Food processing and other consumable services that is accorded with the GMP, Food Safety Standards and falls well with the frame work of the Halal principle, the divine guidelines postulated by the creator for the betterment of the Human beings. The Word Halal is of Arabic origin and it simply means "Permitted" or "Lawful". Each one of us has a choice to prepare and process the food on our own or to trust a reliable source. Halal Asia Services continually strives to build that trust through its stringent certification parameters and inspection through its efficient team of professionals.

It is the duty and responsibility of every individual to ensure that any business performed in their daily lives or any food consumed or served by him to his fellow human being are clean, hygienic and not detrimental to either their health or well-being. Halal promotes cleanliness in all aspects of a person. It is the reclaimed rather a new benchmark for quality.

Many food items in their natural, unadulterated state are considered Halal. Handling and processing steps however have increased the risk of contaminating food with impurities, chemical toxicants, alcohol and by-products of animals considered unlawful or Haram. In addition, certain religious rituals need to be complied with during animal slaughtering and further processing steps for products to be considered Halal.

The industry of cosmetics and personal care products is likewise challenged by the same contamination risks. Increasing demand on these products has also raised the importance of protecting the health and safety of consumers. This has led to regulations for Halal products being implemented in many Muslim countries and other countries that understands the credibility of Halal certified products.

To ensure compliance & meet the requirements set for Halal, ESMA, the regulatory body responsible for controlling Halal products in the U.A.E., has recently launched the Halal National Mark to augment the program of certifying Halal products and animal slaughterhouses.

Trust Is Thoiyubban:

  • There is a word for it, and the word is Thoiyubban.
  • Wearing kitchen hat / hair nets, gloves.
  • Maintaining the production area as a safe and clean work environment is called Thoiyubban. Thoiyubban because the environment plays a major role in the safety of the product.
  • Being vigilant in the material movement is Thoiyubban. Thoiyubban because nothing unnecessary should enter or be thrown away from the production area, to ensure that we adhere strictly to the process, leaving no option for contamination. Thoiyubban is working without any contamination; a step closer to organic serving for the natural man.
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    Understanding Halal & Halal Certification

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    Halal Asia Services is an Independent certification body accredited by Competent Regulatory bodies. HAS is involved in the supervision, inspection, audit, certification, training and compliance of Halal Principles and practices in the Food products and consumer services industry.

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